Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FREE PATTERN - Cross Bow Legwarmers

As I was in need of legwarmers, I started to sketch ideas out for what I wanted. I remembered back to my X's and O's hat and loved that stitch. So I started playing with it some more and found this sequence really cute. I hope you enjoy the pattern as it can work with any size, you just have to adjust it to your needs.

Cross Bow Legwarmers

Lighter worsted weight yarn (such as Caron Simply Soft)
I/9 5.5mm hook
2 small buttons to make bows removable
Yarn needle

8 DC x 3 rows = 2 x 2 in square

Not extremely important for this.

CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
SLST = Slip stitch
SC = Single crochet
HDC = Half-double crochet
DC = Double crochet

Begin with top band:
Row 1: CH 6. SC in 2nd CH from hook and each across. (5)
Row 2: CH 1, turn. SC in front loop of each ST across. (5)
Repeat row 2 until the band would fit snugly around calf.

Size estimates (# divisible by 3):
Child’s calf – 30 rows
Small adult - 39 rows

SLST to join beginning and ending STs to form a band.

Round 1: CH 1.  SC in the end of each row (For 39 rows for the band, SC 39 - divisible by 3).
SLST in 1st SC.
Round 2: CH 3.  DC in next ST, DC in same ST as CH-3 (going behind 1st DC).
*DC in next ST. Skip 1 ST. DC in next ST.  DC in skipped ST (going behind previous DC).*
Repeat from * to * around. Join w/ SLST to top of CH-3.
Repeat round 2 until the length desired is reached. I like to use 12 rounds for small adult.

Finishing band: CH 1. SC in each ST around. Join w/ SLST to 1st SC.
Repeat finishing band for 2 more rounds.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Row 1: CH 26. Join w/ SLST to 1st CH.
Row 2: CH 1. SC in same ST and each ST around. (26)
Repeat row 2 for 4 more rounds.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.
Center of bow:
CH 7. HDC in 2nd CH from hook and each across.
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

Wrap the “Center bow” around the middle of the bow and sew together using long tail.
Continue to use long tail to sew the button on the back of the bow, or secure the bow directly to the legwarmer.
Weave in ends.

Attach the bow with the button in a place between the band and body of the legwarmer. Or find a place in that area where the button fits snugly.

Repeat the process for the other legwarmer.

This pattern has been tested. :)


  1. These are nice, really comfy
    great job Staci

  2. Too bad the picture disappeared. I really wish I could see the end result before I try them.