Friday, January 10, 2014

Designing more and more...

I have been away for a little bit now. I have been so busy and it has been difficult to find the time to make the post, so here's what's been happening:

1) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Inspired Cowls are a hit on Etsy! I have been crocheting my fingers away with making these cowls. I am so happy that I have gotten great reviews from the customers who have ordered them.


2) I have 2 new patterns in the works. 

The first is the Cross Bow Legwarmers. It is currently in testing right now and will be released next week as a free pattern! :) 
The second is a Spiked Beanie/Slouch. I have the adult and toddler size worked out. I am still trying to work out the rest of the sizes, but I have a feeling this one will also be a free pattern. I hope to get it into testing soon. :)

Hopefully everyone enjoys the new patterns when they are released! I am very excited for them and hope everyone else is as well. I still have a few more ideas to design yet.

I contemplated doing more with my Heartbeat line, but not many people have seemed interested in purchasing the patterns I have designed, so until I receive a few more purchases, I will not be continuing immediately with that design.

I will post when the new patterns are released. :)

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