Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Free Pattern Recap - Crochet Earwarmers

Brr... this cold weather sure is perfect for making earwarmers! I know I love my earwarmers most when I have my hair up and don't want to take it down to put on a hat. It's so nice to be able to throw on an earwarmer and head out the door. So here's a recap of some of the most popular FREE crochet patterns across the web.

Here's the individual patterns (going clockwise starting at the top left):

1) Julianna by Jessie at Home: A colorful way to make a statement!

2) Sleek and Skinny Ear Warmer by Cre8tion Crochet: Want a more basic headband that still has some texture and detail to it? This one is perfect for you!

3) All Grown Up Earwarmer by moogly: Colorful! Stylish! Warm! Comfy! What more could you ask for in a free pattern?

4) Knotted Headband by All About Ami: Such a great pattern for everyday use! It's super comfortable and easy to modify if needed.

5) Easiest Headwrap EVER by Frayed Knot: One of the newest favorites for earwarmers to hit the crochet community! Great reviews too!

6) Chunky Earwarmer by Mill Run Mama: Great way to use up some leftover chunky yarn! The chunky yarn gives a different look than the typical worsted weight yarn.

7) Moebius Headband Earwarmer by PD Designs: Moebius headbands are a very popular style. There are a few basic patterns out there, but this one adds some new flair with the textured style.

8) Knitted-Look Flower Headband by Classic Inez: Can't knit? Perfect! You can crochet this knit-look earwarmer without the knit technique!

9) Cozy Flowered Headband by Melmaria Designs: Perfect for beginners! Uses basic stitches, but looks great! 

10) Bow Headband by People Webs: Free and has a photo tutorial? Yeah, that's right! How great!? And it's cute too!

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  1. Just what we need for keeping our heads warm right now. Love them.