Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free Patterns, Giveaway, and so much more...

There's a lot going on right now at Cherishable Creations.

1.      I've got a free pattern out for testing. The pattern will be placed on the blog on Thursday. :)

2.     Of course, there's the GIVEAWAY! 

3.     Preparing for our Friday Feature. This Friday's feature spot is already confirmed, but if you are interested in being the feature for any future Friday, please fill out this form:

4.     We hope to be donating to Boomer Beanies e-book for donations to ShopKimberlie. Her son is undergoing another hip surgery (as I type this). So I bought one of ShopKimberlie's patterns to help out and I hope to donate 1-2 of my patterns to this e-book in support.

5.     Preparing for a December craft show. I have just sewn my first crayon roll for my daughter. So I think I'll sew up some more of those and maybe crochet some shape sets (the pattern purchased from ShopKimberlie).

I think I covered most of what's happening around here. Look for the new free pattern on Thursday. :)

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